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Maria Daines - Heart And Soul
Maria Daines (SHELTER ME)

The song above is the sole property of Maria Daines, one of the hardest working animal activists and rock stars in the UK. This music is used with her expressed written permission given to TMFF in 2011. Please follow Maria and her causes on FB:

Why we rescue wild horses!

American Mustangs are rounded up by helicopter from our western lands at the rate of 10-12,000 a year by the Bureau of Land Management. 

At the turn of the century there were over 2 million wild horses roaming the western US public lands on 53.8 million acres.

Today, it is estimated that there may be less than 20,000 wild horses remaining on public land on 31.6 million acres. 

Cost to taxpayers to leave them alone on their ancestral range: $0

Cost to taxpayers to hunt them down & stampede them to traps by helicopter, dispose of the ones who die in the process, geld the survivors, freezebrand them, break up their family units by seperating males from females, and babies from their moms, ship them to holding facilities, process the paperwork, feed them, innoculate them, hold adoption events, transport them to adoption events all over the US, advertise the adoption events, process the adoptions, proces the adoption paperwork, maintain the records of every captured horse, pay the ranchers at LTH (long term holding) ranches in the midwest, and many other costs of housing wild animals that belong in the wild......$75 million dollars a year and counting!

Over 50,000 are held captive on private ranches/holding facilities whose owners are paid by the Bureau of Land Management to "hold them" at $500 per horse per year by YOU the taxpayer. 

Horses are sentient beings and live in family bands in the wild. Their families bands are separated and broken up during and after the roundup. Mares and their offspring are seperated as are mares and their stallions.  Many wild horses suffer injuries and some do not survive the roundup by helicopter. Many do not survive the "holding facility". 

Those that do are oferred to the public for adoption at a mere pittance of $125, or less if bought outright under "sale authority".  

Many do not survive their adoptions unscathed.  We find them in the kill pens in several states or in backyards, neglected, abused, muddy, wounded or starved.  

We do NOT support the BLM adoption program and believe that the wild horses should be managed on the range. Wild Horses belong in The Wild!

Our First Wild Horse

Sierra Nevada  (pictured above)

The little mustang filly who started it all!

Sierra Nevada was the first mustang we ever had the pleasure of taking care of. After years of watching what was happening to America's Wild Horses, signing petition after petition to stop the roundups, calling our legislators and feeling so sad and depressed over the situation we decided to try to at least help just one horse have a better life. We adopted Sierra from BLM in 2008 when she was just a yearling to try to get her back to freedom someday so she could live the way nature had always intended her to and her own mother would have wished for her. Sierra stole our hearts immediately and we fell madly in love with her. 

Watching her each day, just being Sierra was the most magical and at the same time the most gut wrenching experience. We wished she had never been captured, we wished we knew what had happened to her mother, the BLM had "no information" on her. We knew that the day was going to come that we would have to say goodbye to her in order to keep the promise we made to both her and the spirit of her mother, wherever she was. 

Finally on July 26, 2012 with the help of many good people on FB and Celine Meyers of The Ark Watch Foundation, we not only sent Sierra to a wild horse sanctuary but also 4 other mustangs out of the now 14 that we had rescued from the kill pens since adopting Sierra.  So Chon-Teh, Faith, Hope and Paisley Desert all accompanied Sierra to sanctuary on our first Road to Freedom campaign.  

Shortly thereafter, with the help of The American Wild Horse Preservation Campaign we were told of a private senior horse sanctuary in VA where we were fortunate enough to have been able to send 2 of our "senior"  kill pen mustangs, Nu-Pah-Hay and Tawn-Ha who were 24 and 25 years old respectively. They are now living retired and free in a place of love and caring at The Evelyn Alexander Home for Animals for the rest of their lives. 

Since then we have also sent Rosie, Sparky, Precious, Calico, Elko, Misty, Gabby, Hera, Wiley, Bubba, Grover, Nightingale, Fox Lake, Lucky Sid, Samson, Esmeralda (Momma) and Elsa (her filly) to lifetime sanctuaries and with the help of  FB supporters and The Ark Watch Foundation, Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary, Return to Freedom Wild Horse Sanctuary and DreamCatchers Wild Horse & Burro Sanctuary.  We also found sanctuary at TMR in Texas for Eli the BLM Burro whom we fostered and loved dearly. 

We were only their caretakers, never their owners. 

They are always in our thoughts and are in our hearts forever more. 

Running free and kicking up their heels, no more helicopters, no more holding pens, no more fear.

Everything we have accomplished since we pulled our first mustang Wash-AH-Kah Chon-Teh (Strong Heart) from the kill pen, has been possible ONLY because of your help!

Never underestimate the power of donating $1.  A small price to pay for all these horses to live free for the rest of their lives.  

YOU rescued them and YOU sent them to sanctuary. WE are only their travel agents!

We need your help to keep the horses safe and wild forever by donating whatever you can to Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary here:!sponsor/c7sl